South American Games, ODESUR


ODESUR is an abbreviation that stands for Organizacion Deportiva Sudamericana. It is recognized by the international Olympic Committee (IOC). These games are considered the most important competition. In 2014, the 10th South American Games were conducted in Santiago. The next edition will take place in the year 2018. The City of Lima in Peru is set to be the host.

At least 15 countries are set to participate in the South American Games. Among the countries participating were Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela just to mention but a few.These games are held every four years, and are strongly supporter by local and national business ventures like the Forex trading site, which has caused tremendous support over the years.
The 2014 games took place in Santiago, Chile. It was the 10th edition. The games were a multi-sport event. This was the second time that the sport had been hosted by Santiago. The events took place around the national stadium and in the national stadium.

The Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos is the national stadium. It has been renovated to accommodate a seat capacity of 70,000. Owing to an Olympic inspired theme, they will get a new roof. The construction of the stadium began in 1937 on a farm land donated by Jose Domingo Canas in 1918. The stadium has a rich history of hosting several matches and to mention just a few we have the South American Football Championships and some friendly matches as well.


In 1962 so as to host the FIFA World Cup, the stadium was expanded increasing its original capacity to around 95000. A remarkable fact about the Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos is the fact that it served as a detention centre after a coup d’etat. I bet not most stadiums can boast of the same fact. On an estimate the Red cross talk of about 7,000 prisoners occupying the stadium at a given time. Carmen Luz Parot directed and produced the documentary depicting the use of stadium during the coup.

The national stadium is a national monument and for that reason the facade has to remain the same. The exterior could not be modifying hence there was a roof structure was placed on top. For reasons of financial constraints and the earthquake of 2010, inauguration was postponed. However for the 2014 games, new sporting venues such as a new heated pool intended for synchronized swimming, two gymnasiums, an expanded CAR, and a renovated vendrome.

The stadium not only hosts games but also national and international concerts. Worth mentioning is the first artist who performed at the stadium by the name Rod Stewart. The 2000 world championships in the field of Athletics required individual seats to be installed. This reduced the capacity to about 66,000 spectators. Another incident that warranted the number was the fact that there was need to prevent accidents. The 90,000 spectators were in the stadium during the Pope John Paul II visit. It is suspected it was so owing to the free attendance as well as no control. It can be argued form both perspectives and still hold water. However the official reports record a seating capacity of the stadium as being 48,665. They are must watch games to millions of fans.

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2014 South American Games Santiago,Chile

SantiagoSouth American Games were took place in 2014. Santiago was the host city which is situated in Chile. 14 nations were participating in this game and 3499 athletes were participated. The opening ceremony was held on 7th march 2014 and game closing ceremony was held on 18th march 2014. The game events are hosted by Santiago is second time. This brief list will provide you detailed information about the contestant and medals they have won. 302 athletes have been participated. South American games are very famous across from the world because of its popularity. In this article you will get everything about South American games, like list of participant, list of medals, amount of men athletes, women athletes, their names and medals they have won during the games. In 1978, the first games were held in La Paz, Bolivia, these games are multi sports event which is held between South American sports organisation and South America. The games are equivalent to the Olympic flame. The next games will hosted by Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2018.