Brazil and Colombia Keep the Gold in the Tests of Tiro al Blanco

Brazilian Emerson Duarte and Colombian Diliana Méndez won the precision tests in the final of pistol and rifle respectively.

Completed the final of White Shooting for the modalities 50m rifle in three positions and 25m quick firing with pistol, were crowned the athletes Diliana Méndez of Colombia and Emerson Duarte of Brazil for each test respectively.

To win Mendez had to complete forty shots divided into a series squatting (5-10-15); (20-25-30) and standing (35-40). Initiated the first series was second with 49.3 points, then rose to first and remained until the end to add 443.0, ten points more ahead of the Ecuadorian Sofía Padilla, in second place. The bronze was taken by Brazil’s Rosane Sibele, with 423.1 points.

“I feel really blessed, I thank God, I give him all the glory because we prepared for the events and I did well. In the last shots I had to watch the shots and until the end was given Stock, “

Mendez said after his victory.

After taking the second place in Medellín 2010 and now a gold in Santiago 2014, Mendez looks forward to more and will prepare with everything to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games.

“This is an extra motivation, now comes what is the qualifier of the sport shooting for the Olympic Games, which are my goal and God through I hope to be there participating,”

he said.

For his part, the Brazilian Emerson Duarte, completed the eight series of five shots with pistol with a total of 22 points.

“I think the secret of this is training, the more I train to be calmer in the test and I get better shots. Today I feel that if I had started training from a younger age (42) I would have a better technique, but later That I finished the test I was relieved, during the test I was very tense and now I am in transition of relief and happiness, enjoying the moment “

recognized the carioca.