2014 South American Games Santiago,Chile




South American Games were took place in 2014. Santiago was the host city which is situated in Chile. 14 nations were participating in this game and 3499 athletes were participated. The opening ceremony was held on 7th march 2014 and game closing ceremony was held on 18th march 2014. The game events are hosted by Santiago is second time. This brief list will provide you detailed information about the contestant and medals they have won. 302 athletes have been participated. South American games are very famous across from the world because of its popularity. In this article you will get everything about South American games, like list of participant, list of medals, amount of men athletes, women athletes, their names and medals they have won during the games. In 1978, the first games were held in La Paz, Bolivia, these games are multi sports event which is held between South American sports organisation and South America. The games are equivalent to the Olympic flame. The next games will hosted by Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2018.

Participating nations and amount of athletes each country has sent:

• Argentina-510
• Aruba-10
• Brazil-491
• Bolivia-121
• Colombia-391
• Chile-575
• Ecuador-264
• Guyana-8
• Paraguay-191
• Panama-41
• Venezuela-374
• Uruguay-235
• Peru-261
• Suriname-27

Table of medals:

Nation Gold Silver Bronze
Brazil 110 69 79
Colombia 53 49 64
Venezuela 47 40 63
Argentina 46 57 56
Chile 27 52 50
Ecuador 14 22 37
Peru 9 13 18
Panama 4 3 8
Paraguay 3 5 2
Uruguay 3 4 5
Suriname 1 0 4
Bolivia 0 0 4
Aruba 0 0 1

From the above important discussion we came to known about the 2014 south american games which were held in Santiago, Chile. through this topic we came to know about those nations which has participated in the games, about their name of athletes and the medals they have won. Apart from this, the whole topic also scheduling the next south american games which will held in 2018. the 2018 games will be hosted by Cochabamba, Bolivia. Through this topic we can also understand the importance of games and the participants.