Brazil and Argentina Distributed Medals in Rhythmic Gymnastics

medalThe Brazilian Angelica Kvieczynski added three more medals to dazzle the lively public, lowering the curtain of the X Games South American Santiago 2014.

The National Stadium Sports Center was the stage where 12 days of uninterrupted competition culminated. And the beautiful routines of rhythmic gymnastics gave the gold seal to Santiago 2014.

The Brazilian Angelica Kvieczynski returned to shine and got the gold in ring and ribbon, and a silver ball. In the test of the ring, he won the gold medal with 15,883 points, with a routine with the highest difficulty of the realized (7,550).

On tape, the 22-year-old gymnast repeated the first place with a total score of 15,250, including the best performance rating of the presented (8,000).

Kvieczynski had to settle for the silver medal in the ball test (14.967), where he was behind his compatriot Natalia Gaudio.

“The best thing for me was the gym crowd. I’m happy with my medals, although it could have been better, but I was with a foot injury,”

said Kvieczynski.

“I am happy to participate in Santiago 2014. The atmosphere and the place are perfect. I think Brazil dominated all the tests because we are already campaigning for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games,”

said Gaudio, gold in ball (15,250), silver in Ribbon (14.417), and bronze in ring (137.83).

The delegation of Argentina also got medals in the last day of rhythmic gymnastics. The albiceleste Milagros Carrasco got gold in clubs (14,350), silver in ring and bronze in ribbon (14,117), while Camila Giorgio celebrated a third place in ball. “I’m very happy with my participation, although I had ball errors that prevented me from winning there, too,” said Carrasco.

“I am very happy with this medal, because it is a routine that I tried for a year and also these are my first South American Games and I am happy because my country is advancing in this sport,”

added the 19-year-old albiceleste.