South America Sports Games

South America Sports Games

In the South America Games there are a number of sports where an athlete can show off their skills. These are some of the common sports that are played in South Africa.

Association Football

football ballThis is also known to many people as soccer. This sport is big is South America and they are also completing with Europe for the FIFA World Cup. South America has been involved with this sport since 1916 and this is a favorite national pastime. The teams have had success all around the world and they also have some of the best football players in the world.


backetball ballThis is another sport that is very popular in South America. These teams were even good enough to win models in the Summer Olympics including the gold medal. There are even some player that made it to the hall of game.


volleyball ballThis is a very popular sport and there are a number of great volleyball players in South America. This sport is still very popular in a number of countries. The weather is right for this sport during most of the year.


motorsportsMany people do not think this is something that would be a big sport in South America. There have been some drivers that have event went on to Formula One racing and have won this award. This port is popular in the larger cities where people have access to these tracks.

Field Hockey

field hockeyField hockey is a very popular sport in the country of Argentina. The team has even won the world championship several times. In addition to playing field hockey rink hockey is another popular sport. The country of Argentina has produced five time world champions in this event.


baseball ballIn some countries including Venezuela baseball is one of the most popular sports. Many players from South America went on to play in the major leagues out of the United States. This sport does not require a lot of equipment to play with and can be played in any open area. This sport is becoming popular in other countries throughout South America and there are many great players emerging in this sport.


rugby ballMany may not think this would be a sport played in South America. Rugby has been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years. This game is spreading throughout the area and these countries now even have an official Rugby Foundation as well as a Rugby World Cup.


tennis ballSouth America has produced some great tennis players. Recently these players have been seen in major e vents including the Gram Slam and the Masters. These tennis players are competing in events all over the world and are showing that they have the skills to play the game.

These are some of the most popular sports in South America. While they are often know for being great football (soccer) players there are a number of sports these countries participate in. They are skilled enough to compete with countries from all over the world and hold a number of world titles.